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Once mainly industrial, Granville Island is now a thriving center of activity with a relaxed and distinctive atmosphere.Artists and retailers have moved into converted warehouses alongside houseboats, theaters, galleries, and restaurants.Gastown came into existence in 1867 when a man called John Deighton arrived on the scene.Deighton had a habit of launching into lengthy stories and soon acquired the nickname "Gassy Jack." As a result, the vicinity became known as "Gassy's Town" or "Gastown".A statue of the proprietor now watches over the neighborhood in Maple Tree Square.Tourists stop for photos with Gassy Jack, and also love to visit the nearby Steam Clock, which puffs steam-powered chimes every 15 minutes.A gondola operates daily running from street level to the summit, where dining, activities, and wildlife await mountaintop explorers year-round.Especially for families, Grouse Mountain is a winter wonderland offering outdoor skating, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding.

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Spectacular views are a standard throughout the park.

Exhibits display native art, including large totem poles in the Great Hall.

Other presentations explore ethnographic and archaeological objects representing Asia, the South Pacific, the Americas, Africa, and Europe.

In both winter and summer, Grouse Mountain offers an unmatched panorama in clear weather.

That's especially so in the evenings when the city lights are on.

In summer, Grouse Mountain is a hiker's paradise with trails, including the famed Grouse Grind - affectionately called Mother Nature's Stairmaster.